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"Glitch Mirror" - An Embodiment of Our Era of Digital Duality


"Glitch Mirror" - An Embodiment of Our Era of Digital Duality

In the reflective surface of the "Glitch Mirror," we discover a brilliant reflection of our rapidly evolving technological world. As spectators, we are swept into a dance between two realms - one propelled by the flight of technological advancement and the other deeply rooted in the timeless craftsmanship of artisanal art.

This mirror serves as a poetic portal to the intricate duality of our contemporary society. It is both a celebration of the boundless possibilities that modern technology offers us and a thoughtfully structured reflection of the implicit dangers that surround our world. The "Glitch Mirror" challenges us to contemplate the impact of this inevitable technological indoctrination, while also celebrating the beauty of traditional craftsmanship.


May 2022


1100 x 20 x 1800 MM

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