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Resurrected and Reimagined


"Resurrected and Reimagined" is a symphony of contradictions in visual art, seamlessly merging the old world with the new, and harmoniously integrating modern techniques with ancient craftsmanship. The fragmented Gothic Rose Window, a monumental remnant of centuries-old craftsmanship, serves as a precious time capsule of the past. Opposite this historical grandeur, a contemporary explosion of imagery has been sculpted using modern technologies such as 3D printing, 3D modeling, and laser cutting.

The dancing flames in the artwork call upon the viewer to take action, as a plea for change and progress in our rapidly evolving world. The piercing gazes of the eyes stimulate deep reflection and inner dialogue. Bomb-like forms in the artwork prompt us to contemplate the destructive forces that occasionally traverse our society.

But amidst this intricate juxtaposition of old and new, diamonds shine like beacons, embodying wealth and knowledge. This work transcends the simple contrast between the past and present, weaving them together into a masterpiece of paradoxes, where modern techniques coexist with ancient craft methods such as sanding and sculpting. It is a true celebration of art and innovation, a timeless representation of the human spirit that continually resurrects and redefines itself.


October 2023


1410 x 75 x 1560 MM




Colored mirror, aluminum, Wood, Pla

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