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It’s Time for your return


"The Ephemeral Embrace: 'It’s Time for Your Return'"
"It’s Time for Your Return" transcends conventional art; it's a breathtaking fusion of time and contemplation. This golden sculpture, graced with four working clocks and the modestly bowed Big Ben, stands as a poignant reminder of time's inexorable march through our lives. It invites us to pause and reflect on the rapid passage of time and the ease with which we can lose ourselves in life's whirlwind.

This meticulously crafted masterpiece brims with rich symbolism, its handcrafted elements underscoring that it's more than just a tribute to time; it's an acknowledgment of the laborious journey to unravel life's meaning.

Immerse yourself in the refined aesthetics of this sculpture, and take a moment to contemplate the intangible value of time. Consider how you want to make the most of your most precious possession, time, and allow this artwork to guide you on a voyage of self-discovery as you chase your deepest desires.




600 x 400 x 1300 MM


Marble -Gold Chrome
Brass - Glass - Pla


October 2023

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