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The past is in your head, But the future is in your hands


"The Gilded Symphony of Time: 'The Past is in Your Head, But the Future is in Your Hands'"
This golden masterpiece, bearing the name "The Past is in Your Head, But the Future is in Your Hands," resonates like a harmonious symphony of time and human reflection. With its four functioning clocks and a unique, curved design, it evokes the transience of life. This artwork serves as a reminder that the past exists only in memories, while the future literally rests within our hands. It stands as a visual testament to the preciousness of time and the boundless possibilities that unfold before us. This work of art serves as a guide on our journey of self-discovery and our yearning for a better future.


500 x 400 x 650 MM


Marble - Chrome
Brass - Glass - Pla




October 2023

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